Austin Film Festival. More Than Just Celebrities But We Met Jon Stewart.

Spoiler alert: this post contains shameless name-dropping.

For the second straight year, we’ve created all the marketing stuff for Austin Film Festival.

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Yes, getting to brand AFF is pretty amazing but getting to attend the scriptwriting talks, workshops, pitch meetings and movies created by insanely famous and talented people adds a level of untold awesomeness.

And as promised, here’s some shameless name-dropping. What could be better than meeting the writers of Dallas Buyer’s Club and Men In Black? How about meeting the writers of Dallas Buyer’s Club and Men In Black while downing mimosas. Yes, that’s pretty good.

IMG_1275And it’s not every day you get to attend a writer’s workshop led by Mary Coleman, Senior Development Director for Pixar. In fact, that doesn’t happen on any day.


IMG_1093IMG_6762Plus, we attended a movie premier and talk by Jon Stewart. You know, the really funny and famous Jon Stewart? Only now he’s a serious director. We met him and then we got to take a picture with him. Did I mention that we met Jon Stewart?

IMG_1310And how about getting to hold the original scripts for Sunset Boulevard, The Sopranos, and Star Wars? Okay, looking at a script isn’t really the same as meeting somebody, but it counts just as much. Sort of. 


Yes, the Austin Film Festival is the highest regarded TV and film writer’s festival, but it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the most talented people in the business. They talk to you. And, they’re nice.

You really should go next time. We can help you get in. You see, we’ve got connections.

IMG_0450Did I mention that we met Jon Stewart?