It’s Hand Turkey Season at MOSAK

Here at MOSAK World Headquarters, Thanksgiving Eve means it’s time for the beloved Jimmy John’s Hand Turkey Draw-Off. The competition gets pretty intense as people adorn their sandwich order with the most creative rendition of the time-honored craft. Tradition holds that the Jimmy John’s delivery person chooses the best of the best, so there’s quite a bit of strategic design, trickeration and outright cheating involved.  As you can see, it’s a no-holds barred cage-match of planning and execution.

Who will win? If history is an indicator, last year’s winner was Miley “Happy Twerky Day,” so being topical is a proven formula for success. Does that mean Kim Kardashian will triumph?

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Turkey Ted Cruz?
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Cheating is rampant
Turkey Kim kardashian advertising
Kim Kardashian an early leader
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Deck the walls
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Bragging rights await
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Laugh, but topical works