How Drones Are Taking Messaging To New Heights

Drones are changing advertising

If there is any industry trend we can be sure of, it’s that technology has leveled the playing field between big and small marketers.

Previously, if you wanted to give your video a lavish feel, your options were to hire an LA production company for tens of thousands of dollars or you were out of luck. Unless you were heir to the Vanderbilt estate or a Fortune 500 marketer, your low-budget video looked a notch better than something produced in the 1930’s by the Soviet film industry.

Today, you can purchase the latest Canon cameras, like the fabulous 5D or 7D, add some good sound recording equipment, buy or rent an outstanding lens and you’ve got “production values.” Need some editing love? Everything that took place in a state-of-the-art editing suite in Santa Monica is now comfortably housed on your laptop. All you need is a power outlet, someone who knows Final Cut and After Effects and boom, you have a video that looks pretty darn good. Or, you can even shoot your Bentley spot on an iPhone 5, as these enterprising fellows did. Of course, you can continue to hire talented third party vendors, (as we do) but it can now look impressive for considerably less than what it used to.

And then there are drones. Want an amazing looking video? Buy a Phantom II drone, add a GoPro Hero 3, a stabilizing gimbal (you’ll need this – trust me) and with a little practice, you can make an awesome video that can truly showcase your resort, casino property, real-estate development, town, county fair or anything else that looks better with sweeping sunset vistas shot from above. Our agency has taken this techno-step and we’re already thrilled with the results. Face it–drones are giving a whole new meaning to the creative cloud.

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